How Buying Crushed Garlic from a Distributor Benefits Food Businesses

For restaurants, food manufacturers, and other commercial kitchens, fresh garlic adds irreplaceable flavour and aroma to recipes. But peeling and mincing garlic cloves in-house for large batches takes substantial time that kitchen staff could better spend on other tasks. Buying pre-crushed garlic from a distributor provides notable benefits that improve culinary operations and quality.

Save Valuable Labor and Prep Time

When a kitchen must crush garlic in-house for many recipes, it ties up staff that could be working on other jobs. Prepping large volumes of garlic is tediously slow by hand. Even with a dedicated garlic crusher, repeated cranking and loading for big batches is time-consuming.

Buying ready-made crushed garlic from a distributor lets kitchens devote that same time to skill work like chopping, cooking, and plating dishes. The prep work is already done, saving hours of effort.

Consistent Quality and Reliability

Professional distributors use commercial garlic crushing equipment to expertly mince cloves into an optimal paste texture. This delivers superior consistency versus trying to achieve uniform results by crushing by hand. The reliable quality ensures crushed garlic performs as expected in recipes every time.

Buying crushed garlic also avoids any supply issues that stem from prep delays or staff shortages. The product arrives kitchen-ready when you need it.

Versatile Applications for Any Menu

High-quality crushed garlic has a multitude of savoury applications across cuisines. From Italian and Mediterranean dishes to Asian and Latin flavours, it provides authentic, aromatic garlic punch. Using fresh crushed garlic allows restaurants and manufacturers to explore bolder, more dynamic menu creations that patrons love.

Versus jarred minced garlic, crushed fresh garlic offers superior flavour diversity to enhance all types of menus.

Food Safety and Compliance

Reputable distributors follow strict food safety protocols in state-of-the-art facilities. This includes HACCP plans, allergen controls, sanitation procedures, and QA checks. For commercial buyers, this helps mitigate food safety risks that can occur with in-house prep.

Distributors also comply with FSMA and food labelling laws. Buying crushed garlic through proper channels supports a kitchen's adherence to regulations.

Financial Benefits

While pre-crushed garlic costs more per pound than whole bulbs, it eliminates the labour expenses involved with in-house prep and cleanup. For high-volume kitchens, the increase in per-unit costs is justified by the dramatic time and staffing savings.

Buying crushed garlic also prevents waste from spoilage when whole bulbs go unused. The product has a longer shelf life and requires only the amount needed.

High-Volume Capability

Distributors can deliver pallet-scale quantities of crushed garlic for manufacturers and big restaurant groups. Even large-batch recipes and production runs are no problem with a steady inventory from the distributor.

Buying pre-crushed garlic provides flexibility for operations of any size and demand level compared to in-house capability constraints.

Making the Decision 

From boosting efficiency to profit margins, buying pre-crushed garlic offers commercial kitchens major advantages. Distributor partnerships enhance culinary quality and output while reducing costs and labour demands. For food businesses aiming to scale production and grow, the benefits of outsourcing garlic crushing are substantial.

Contact a local crushed garlic distributor to learn more.